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Our Team

EVA Virtual assistant


Business Manager

Nastya is a leader with years of experience recruiting and leading specialist VAs. She is an export supply chain specialist, project/team manager, and master travel & event organizer. Her administrative assistance meets exacting Swiss standards.
She leads our team to be the most efficient and professional VA team in the world.

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EVA Virtual assistant


French speaking Virtual Assistant

Galina is a professional with leading companies in international business dealings. She helps startups and established companies to expand their reach and grow. Logistics, bookings, scheduling are all skills that she has that benefit each of her clients.

#expatfriend #WEF #tripmanager

EVA Virtual assistant


German speaking Virtual Assistant

Tina is a professional Project Manager with experience with sales, web development coordination, and managing calendars management. She provides clients with information research, graphic design, and assistance with booking arrangements for conferences. Tina is the only VA that most of her clients will ever need.

#IT  #sales  #design