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Know who your competitors are for only £499!*

*The offer is valid until 31. December 2017.

We can help you find out who your competitors are and what they are doing with Social Media.

How much do you know about your competitors?

  • Do they have a website?
  • Do they regularly update their website? Do they have Blog posts?
  • How active are they on their website?
  • Do they have Social Media? Which Social Media Channel are they using?
  • How active are they on Social Media?
  • Are they getting positive or negative feedback from customers?

What you can get from us?

Detailed research of your competition.

  • Up to 40 competitors reviewed
  • Up to 20 criteria in the research
  • All data is checked by Senior Managers
  • Data is properly formatted for filtering and analysis
  • Delivery time 1-2 weeks
  • We spend 1 hour for each competitor

Some of the data included in the research:

  • Which products/services your competitors offer online on the web or Social Media?
  • What is the price of their products/services?
  • How fast are how easy to find are their websites?
  • Are their websites better than yours?
  • Are your competitors active on Social Media?
  • How many followers they have?
  • What is their prefered Social channel?
  • When was their last posting on Social Media?
  • What are they doing with Social Media? Only posting? Interacting? Promoting? Selling?

How the process works?

  • Fill the form by clicking on the "SIGN UP HERE" button
  • We will contact you in the next 24h
  • Agree on a 30 minutes briefing call and/or send us your list of competitors you want researched
  • We prepare the research table with 1 competitor and your own company (50% Prepayment)¬†
  • We spend 5 working days for the research¬†
  • We make a 30 minutes debriefing call (50% Final payment)

NOTE: You are not obliged to pay anything until we agree on all the details in the first briefing call.

100% secure. No hidden fees.


We deliver the research in 1 or 2 weeks maximum


We pay attention on the details and provide the right information


Accuracy of the data we deliver is double checked and error-free