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5 Core Steps when Hiring a Virtual Assistant

5 core steps when hiring a Virtual Assistant

Have you ever dreamed of getting away from the bump and grind of everyday life? Can you remember when was the last time you spent a whole vacation with your family, without being distracted by the business issues? Are you always overwhelmed, burned out? Have you reached a glass ceiling? Or better, how do you explain when others have the world by the tail, nonetheless, they are able to have a lot of time with their families that seems to defy all of the assumptions? Why them? They’re just like you!

Well, it is time to fulfill your dreams! Promise yourself that no case, even the most urgent, will disturb your plans anymore. Nothing should stop you from enjoying well-deserved rest, especially in the family or good company circles. You are likely to ask me: “How will I manage to realize it?” You simply need some help to take a weight off your shoulders, to allow you more free time and mental energy to start actually working on your business instead of constantly in your business.

Congratulations – in just 5 minutes you can discover this dark mystery. And this discovery profoundly will change your view on business dealing, and it even profoundly will change the way in which you operate your business. So please go ahead!

It is not a secret that there are huge opportunities in our Internet Age. But in this high-tech environment you can let your business engulf yourself in unawareness.

What if I tell you right now that there is a way to save more time, to get more done and make more money with the administrative help of Virtual Assistant? Of course, it is not easy to find the right person. Nobody’s going to deny that it takes time and needs much of an effort to find the skilled one, who can offer proficient technical, creative, managerial, secretarial and receptionist services etc.

All the same I wish you to become a consumer of Virtual Assistant services and to bring one on board. Let me define the road map of hiring your first Virtual Assistant really quickly:

Identify areas where you need help most of all. Considering that you can choose a Virtual Assistant with appropriate skills. Or, maybe you just want to free up your time and hand fulfilling daily grind over your Virtual Assistant. In the latter case the “selecting-in” will be less microscopic.

Be clear about working with a Virtual Assistant from own country vs. out of a country. Please note that outsourcing can save you money. If you want good English speakers for your tasks, I would suggest you looking candidates’ educational backgrounds to make sure their understanding level of English.

Map step-by-step guidelines for a VA. Use specific scheduling software. Determine a period of time to complete your tasks in the most efficient way. Create a daily, weekly, and monthly calendar with the responsibilities of your virtual assistant.

Prepare a written agreement and create an invoicing process to pay your new assistant.

Afford a training process. Even a reliable and proficient Virtual Assistant needs particular time to get into the swing of the work. Be patient to implement the training process mapped out earlier for your new virtual assistant.

Right now, I suppose you’re probably wondering how you’ve been managing without a Virtual Assistant at all. If the answer is yes, stop waiting and hesitating! All you need is to contact us and we will find you the right one.

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