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If you are looking for a virtual assistant in Europe, you need to know more about such specialists and how to find professional ones. So, our blog posts reveal all these issues.


Update Your Knowledge on How to Use Virtual Assistant Services

Update Your Knowledge on how to use Virtual Assistant Services One of the key decisions that you will have to make up as a business owner is how your business should be run. Have you already organized an assistance team? Is your Virtual Personal Assistant a part of it? If your answer is positive, this post will provide you with useful and necessary information, and key tips on perfect using your Virtual Assistant skills and expertise! This engagement contract will have long-term or short-term implications, so you may want to consult a Virtual Assistant company to help you to select the type of service packages depending on your needs or preferences and that is right for you. In case, you have not started to use Virtual Assistant services yet, in making a choice, you will want to take i…  


Why European VA Is an Interesting Alternative to Asian or Local Assistants

European Virtual Assistant as an Alternative One of the most popular is to hire a virtual assistant (VA). The internet has made it possible to hire and work with professionals all over the world. There are companies that are just beginning to work with Virtual Assistants. For them, one of the biggest questions is: do we hire Virtual Assistants from our home country, nearby, or in Asia? Do we hire Virtual Assistants from our home country, nearby, or in Asia? There are advantages and disadvantages to each. In-country VA - Every nation has thousands of virtual assistants willing to work for you. The real problem is that they are part of the same economy. Consequently, they are likely to need the same pay rate as someone who is working right in your office. The major advantage is the…  

How To Choose A Virtual Assistant – Everything You Must Know Beforehand Hiring a virtual assistant is an excellent way to get the work done that you need and save money. In order to hire a Virtual Assistant that will … Continue reading

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The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

“The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss - A Review from the Virtual Assistant’s Perspective Published in 2007, “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss was controversial and fascinating. It advocated a system of automating business. This system involves Virtual Assistants and technology on a scale that no one had ever talked about before. Some of his ideas seem impractical to anyone who works ‘in the real world,’ like only checking email on Mondays. His ideas, though, when modified, such as checking email at noon and 4 pm, are not only practical but helpful. From a Virtual Assistant’s perspective, there is a lot that business owners can learn from his book. Many of his suggestions are sound and especially relevant. Timothy Ferriss' Suggestions to Consider: 1. Let someone else answe…