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Top 6 Most Useful Apps for Working and Studying

How many apps do you need to manage everyday life?

Every month, the amount of time that people spend using mobile applications is increasing by 40%. According to Statista, in 2017 an average adult spends almost 3 hours on his or her smartphone every single day. It’s 90 hours per month and 1080 hours per year! So why not to use this time productively? Luckily, modern mobile apps enable you to do various jobs with the help of your smartphone. You can plan your day, organize and hold meetings, manage your team, and even pay bills. To help you achieve your daily goals easily and quickly and use your smartphone to the maximum, we created this list of the 6 most useful apps for work and studying.

Office 365

If you work with texts, tables, or presentations, you absolutely have to get this tool. It is more than just one app. Office 365 comprises:

– The well-known Microsoft Office 2013,
– 25 GB of free cloud storage for your data (you can upload your documents and give access to your friends and colleagues).
– Mailbox with 50 GB of free space for your emails.


You can get a free trial version of this app or buy one of its paid versions. The price varies from $59.99 to $119.99.

Money Lover

Keeping expenses under control is what every successful person does! And thanks to finance management apps like Money Lover, you can do it in just 5 minutes per day. This app is especially useful not only for entrepreneurs and freelancers but also for students and people who want to develop money-saving habits.

– This app will help you keep track of your income and optimize your budget.
– You can set various expenses like electricity, phone, and new shoes.


You may download this app free of charge and then pay $4.99 to get access to additional features. However, there is a possibility to get a discount and get the paid version for $3.99.


Wunderlist is a simple yet effective tool that will help you plan your schedule, daily tasks, and even shopping list.

– It also allows you to share lists with business partners and friends.

– It is perfect for assigning tasks to your subordinates, setting deadlines and sending reminders.

– It can be used as a notebook for your spontaneous ideas.


The app has free and paid versions. The second one offers additional functions and is available for $4.99 per month.


If you work with a small team, TMetric will help you control the working time of your employees.

– The program operates in real time, which means that you can monitor every minute of the hours you pay for.

– You can create any number of projects and add an unlimited number of clients.

– There is an opportunity to set hourly payment and track your expenses and incomes.


For teams with 5 people or less, the app can be used for free. If your team is bigger, then the fee is calculated based on the cost per user, which is $3 per month. However, large teams with more than 10 freelancers are easier to manage with the help of an assistant. In this case, it is more reasonable to hire a virtual assistant who can ensure task completion, check working time, and calculate salary for almost the same cost as you would pay for the app.


This application was designed to manage projects, tasks, and goals. Its convenient interface is loved not only by office workers and freelancers but also by students and people who like to have their life organized.

– All the tasks are divided into groups and can be accessed by your team members.

– You can fill the cards with various types of documents, links, and comments.

– The app also offers useful settings like voting, calendar, and archived cards.


The app is free but you can purchase an expanded business version, which allows you to control the team’s involvement in the project. However, it will cost you $999 per year. This cost seems reasonable if you need to monitor the work of 100 people, but if your team is smaller, the above mentioned virtual assistant will do this job for a much lower price.


It’s obvious that these days messengers are one of the most popular means of communication. That is why we could not omit them in our list. There is no need to mention all the useful features of these apps. We are sure that you know them pretty well. So, here is the list of the most popular messaging apps:

1. Facebook Messenger over 1 billion users,
2. WhatsApp over 1 billion users,
3. Viber over 500 million users,
4. Line over 500 million users,
5. WeChat 100 million users.

Of course, there are lots of other useful apps which you can use on daily basis to manage your time, tasks, and finances. However, there is one thing that can substitute all of these tools. We are talking about a professional virtual assistant. She can research information, assign tasks and control their completion, as well as create or check the invoices. This is the person who can help you with almost anything. Try virtual assistant services and see for yourself!


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