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6 Tips for expats: Moving to another country with less stress

tips for expats businessmen

How to become a native citizen just after moving to another country

There are people who never leave their home country. Most of them are afraid of being rejected, misunderstood and abandoned as soon as they cross the border. Thus, they simply deprive themselves of any opportunity to try exotic cuisines, see lots of magnificent places, and get to know cultures and habits of other nations. However, there are those who love traveling and are even willing to try living in a totally strange country. If you are a representative of the second category of people and even have decided to move to another country, we can provide you with several simple but effective moving tips for expats that will help you minimize the stress and adapt to the new environment as easy as possible.

Master the language

Even if you move from the US to Australia, you may experience troubles understanding the locals. And if you plan to live in a country with totally different language, learning it is your #1 task! You don’t have to wait until you reach a certain level of language proficiency, but you should know at least basic words, especially when it comes to the topics like food, transportation, and money. For everything else, you may hire a personal translator or use translating apps like Papago, Waygo, and Google Translate. In case you are already learning the language and want to practice it with native speakers, you can use online tools like HelloTalk, Bilingua, and HiNative. You should try talking to locals before moving because their pronunciation usually differs from the language your teacher speaks.

Get the right directions

The second most common issue of all foreigners is the bad orientation in the unknown geographic environment. The obvious solution to this problem is, of course, getting a map. Unfortunately, most of the natives who tell you how to get to the nearest cafe usually need this piece of paper as much as you do, so you cannot rely on them. Luckily, modern technologies offer much better options. Google maps, Waze, and Komoot – these are only a few examples of the useful apps that can help you navigate your way both in the cities and countryside.

Make local friends

Many immigrants don’t pay much attention to socializing. Some of them spend much time chatting with their family and old friends and neglect the possibility to explore the culture of their new home via its representatives. Others find small diaspora communities, enter their limited circle, and reduce all communication with the locals. It is obvious that these people have difficulties going out of their comfort zone and obtaining new connections. They cannot fully assimilate and, sooner or later, start thinking about returning to their homeland. To avoid this situation, you absolutely have to make friends among natives! They will tell you about local customs, show the best attractions, and make you feel like you belong there. Moreover, communicating with locals will help you improve your speaking skills.

Create an emergency list

Just to be on the safe side, you should always have a list of phone numbers of the people and services that can help you in different situations. In addition to the police, ambulance, and fire department’s phone number, you should also have a number of one or two close friends, who are familiar with local customs and laws.

Prepare to the climate change

No matter if you are already an expat in Switzerland, just are about to move to one of the hot Equatorial countries or cold Iceland, you need to prepare your body to the new environment. Besides vaccination, you should consider taking vitamins and healthy eating. It will help your body stay strong during the period of adaptation and reduce the stress of moving.

Hire a virtual assistant

This perhaps is the most important piece of advice among all tips for expats businessmen. An experienced virtual assistant can be a lifesaver for any foreigner who wants to assimilate into a new culture. She can do translations, manage immigration documents, and help you get acquainted with local places and traditions. This option is especially useful for entrepreneurs, business owners, and international students.

A professional virtual assistant is able to do lots of routine tasks and assignments and thus help you get extra hours for visiting language courses and making new friends. And if you need to plan a major trip to a new area (make hotel reservations, buy tickets, and organize pick-ups), a virtual assistant can do it faster and cheaper than any travel agency. Just choose the destination and inform your VA about the departure and arrival dates. She will take care of the rest!

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