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Monthly Archives: July 2018


Top 6 Most Useful Apps for Working and Studying

How many apps do you need to manage everyday life? Every month, the amount of time that people spend using mobile applications is increasing by 40%. According to Statista, in 2017 an average adult spends almost 3 hours on his or her smartphone every single day. It’s 90 hours per month and 1080 hours per year! So why not to use this time productively? Luckily, modern mobile apps enable you to do various jobs with the help of your smartphone. You can plan your day, organize and hold meetings, manage your team, and even pay bills. To help you achieve your daily goals easily and quickly and use your smartphone to the maximum, we created this list of the 6 most useful apps for work and studying. Office 365 If you work with texts, tables, or presentations, you absolutely have to get t…