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European Virtual Assistant

Who Chooses Us


As an expat, you might need some support from someone who speaks your native language. EVA helps you get the work done, in any language.


One of the most important needs of a startup is the ability to cross borders and speak to everyone. EVA can make you fluent in all European languages.


SMEs might not have the resources to be able to do everything themselves. EVAs “as you need us” plans are perfect for your needs.


When your entire business is run on the internet, you need to be able to work with people who understand what that means. We’re here for you.


There are only so many hours in the day. Virtual Assistant is your force multiplier. We make your day more productive with less work.

European virtual assistant

Why Choose European Virtual Assistant

European virtual assistant (EVA)


More than just English, European Virtual Assistants can provide you with qualified support in every major European language

European virtual assistant (EVA)

Trained & Experienced

All our VAs attend an internship and in-depth training. They don’t work with clients until we’re sure they meet our exacting standards

European virtual assistant (EVA)


We offer reasonable, flexible pricing options for top-quality service. Customized plans are available for your changing requirements

Make your life easier


Cornelia BlumCornelia Blum

EVA helped me to setup my Social Media accounts and my website with visitor tracking. The coordination with external developers was fast and competent. I am still using them for coordination of my IT support with web-developers and designers. I can recommend European Virtual Assistant!

Christian ImmlerChristian Immler

I use a Virtual Assistant to coordinate my App Development Project. Dealing with Designers, Developers around the globe, setting up Social Media Accounts etc. is very time consuming and I am glad that I had multi-lingual administrative support form European Virtual Assistant.

Alexis KydonopoulosAlexis Kydonopoulos

I am using a VA from European Virtual Assistant on a practically daily basis for several months now. As a Greek-German married to a Turkish woman and living as an Expat in France I am very grateful for the fact that European VA covers the whole spectrum of language skills I need for my business. The tasks I have assigned to my VA and have been successfully completed vary from relatively simple tasks such as making appointments, filling out insurance forms, making internet research etc. all the way to more complicated tasks such as web page development...

David SchwaningerDavid Schwaninger

European Virtual Assistant helped for a very reasonable pricing to gather market information that we used in our Strategy retreat. I was surprised how much information they brought in such a short time. The insight was very useful and I can highly recommend them for market research.

Gareth BabbsGareth Babbs

We required supplier/market information in several countries and Virtual Assistants of EVA helped us in a very flexible way. Through online collaboration I was able to coach them during the research process. Fast and reasonably priced. I will used them again!

Petra ScheiwillerPetra Scheiwiller

I decided to use EVA to organize my business trip abroad and found me all the suppliers I wanted to visit - great support throughout my trip in a country I could not speak the language. They also setup the Socjal Media Accounts I was looking for. I can recommend EVA - great quality and they fit into any budget!

Karim TajdinKarim Tajdin

The Virtual Assistant that I was paired with is great!! She is fully bilingual in French and English, and delivers on the assignments of design work (of marketing flyers), research work, documentation work (of SOPs) on time!

Global FMCG ClientGlobal FMCG Client

We have been using VA services from European Virtual Assistant for a year and a half already! We are very pleased with our Assistant's performance that exceeded our expectations, being fully operational in both of her areas of responsibility (administrative and PO management). We were impressed by the responsiveness, learning agility and good interpersonal skills of our VA. We see great potential for her to take on more responsibility in the future. European Virtual Assistant agency was a perfect match as they try to provide the best service. They were able to create the most suitable package for us. We strongly recommend this service to those who need to complement existing teams and keep the performance efficient.

Raven De NolfRaven De Nolf

I can highly recommend the administrative services by European Virtual Assistant. They are eager to grow into your business and support you on all the sides where you need help. Professional, on point, on time, and most importantly, eager to grow with you.


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